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90 Day Fiancé Couples That Are Still Together (And Those That Aren’t)

90 Day Fiancé is a reality television show on TLC. The title of the show is pretty self-explanatory, but the real question lies in the couples. Namely, their compatibility. Getting engaged after only three months can seem completely insane to most people. And it’s worth noting where some of these couples might be today.

Russ And Paola Mayfield

Russ and Paola Mayfield were one of the original couples to appear on 90 Day Fiancé. They met in Colombia while Russ was on a business trip. He proposed shortly afterwards, got a K1 visa, and brought Paola back home to Oklahoma. Eventually they did leave Oklahoma and moved to Miami, Florida. Paola has since started her own training company, Super Pao Fitness, and has become an Instagram influencer. The two are still together, and have even had a child together, a son named Axel. They’ve also mentioned plans to adopt a second child.

Alan And Kirlyam Cox

Alan and Kirlyam actually had some history, meeting when they were kids while Alan was on a Mormon mission trip in Brazil. They later reconnected at another friend’s wedding. They were known to argue a lot about their differing lifestyles, but it wasn’t anything that broke up their relationship. They were actually separated for some time when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, leaving Kirlyam in Brazil while Alan was in California. They’ve since reunited and have had two sons over the course of their marriage, named Liam and Enzo.

Paul Staehle And Karine Martins

Another couple from America and Brazil, Paul met Karine online and hopped on a plane to Brazil to meet her as soon as possible. There was some drama, but they were eventually married. However, Karine wasn’t too jazzed about their move to Kentucky and gave him more than one divorce threat. While they’re still together, and even have a child together named Pierre, they’re not exactly happy. Karine has called Paul a bad father and husband and it seems as though they’re on a fast track to an actual divorce instead of a threat.

Brett Otto And Daya De Arce

Brett and Daya met on an international dating website. When Brett met Daya in real life, it didn’t take much for him to absolutely fall for this Filipino beauty. It wasn’t smooth sailing, however. There was some drama, with the most notable problem being when Brett’s mother called her a gold digger. His family was overall not very supportive of the relationship. Despite this, the couple are still together today, and have even had a child, Isabella.

David And Annie Toborowsky

David met Annie in a karaoke bar in Thailand. He fell in love listening to her sing “Like an Angel”. It only took him ten days to propose. And she said yes. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the most stable financial situation. David was already unsteady in terms of cash from his previous divorce. And Annie’s parents were making him pay a hefty sum in order to marry her. Fortunately, they’ve managed to recover and are still happily married. David found a job teaching online and working for a national marketing company. Annie started her own Thai cooking and catering business. And together they run a YouTube channel called Spice It Up With David and Annie, teaching people how to prepare authentic Thai dishes.

Angela Deem And Michael Ilesanmi

It was obvious how much drama Angela and Michael would have the second Angela set foot in Nigeria to visit him. They’ve had a lot of crazy ups and downs, but they’re still happy married. There’s actually been talks of Angela getting her own show that will detail her weight loss journey. And the couple may be having their own child via surrogate.

Justin And Evelyn Halas

Justin and Evelyn met at a hot dog stand at the 2013 World Games in Colombia. They only spent one week together, yet they were sure they were in love. Although, things were definitely off to a poor start. For example, Justin hid the fact that he was already dating a woman from Ecuador. Even so, the pair still got married and had a son, Nathan. While Evelyn’s still rather active on social media, people rarely hear from Justin directly.

Josh And Aleksandra Strobel

Josh and Aleksandra were one of the younger couples to appear on 90 Day Fiancé. Josh was from Idaho and Aleksandra was from Russia. The two met while both were visiting the Czech Republic. After meeting Josh, Aleksandra changed from her previous party-girl lifestyle and converted to Mormonism. Josh proposed after a year and got her a K1 visa to move to the US. They’ve since had two kids and respective degrees in medicine and public health.

Loren And Alexei Brovarnik

Loren first met Alexei during a birthright trip to Israel. They fell fast and hard, causing her to move to Florida to be with him. They’ve made a life for each other together, having had a child named Shai since marrying. Alexei even received his US citizenship. While Loren’s working as an administrator, Alexei became a medic.

Nicole Nafziger And Azan Tefou

Not only have Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou split up, they never even got married to begin with. They met through a dating application, but it became quite clear that they were not compatible in the slightest. Religious differences were bad enough, but they even disagreed on PDA. Nicole spent some time in Morocco with Azan during their engagement, but it was this period she realized she wasn’t in love anymore. She called off their engagement twice before moving back to America.

Molly Hopkins And Luis Mendez

Molly met Luis during a vacation to the Dominican Republic. He was a bartender. People thought their relationship was doomed, but that didn’t stop them. They even got married in a secret ceremony. As it turns out, the populace was right. Five months after getting married, they got divorced. Luis has married another American and Molly started a successful lingerie business. At least they’ve both moved on.

Steven Frend And Olga Koshimbetova

Steven and Olga met with the latter was vacationing in the US. They hit it off immediately, a little too well in fact. After only a few months of dating, Olga was pregnant with their kid. Steven traveled to Russia for the birth of their son. But it was all downhill from there. A lie about Steven getting Olga a K1 visa was what started it all. They split after a year of marriage, but at least worked out their differences enough that they can co-parent their child.

Fernanda Flores And Jonathan Rivera

Fernanda and Jonathan’s relationship on the show was one of the more controversial. After all, Fernanda had agreed to an engagement after three months and at the age of 19. Jonathan took her from Mexico to the US and from there their relationship seemed to deteriorate. They separated in January 2019 and officially divorced in March 2020. Jonathan now has a new fiancé named Janelle Miller. And Fernanda has started dating Clay Harbor.

Ashley Martson And Jay Smith

Ashley first met Jay when she was attending a wedding in Jamaica. And it took only eight days for Jay to propose. Even with some of the shortest proposal periods on this list, that seems like it’s some kind of record. Although, it’s pretty obvious they rushed into things now. They’ve gone through three divorce hearings, and only eight months into their marriage.

Eric Rosenbrook And Leida Margaretha

Eric met Leida when she answered an ad posted by him on an international website. They later met in America and got engaged two days later. Yet, despite the speed of their engagement, they’ve actually had a rather healthy marriage. Albeit, a bit of drama resulting in a four-year restraining order on one of their daughters. In the present, they’re raising their son in their new house.

Kalani Faagata And Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani met Asuelu at a resort in Samoa while she was on vacation. An employee at the resort, Asuelu soon got the courage to ask her out. Kalani visited the resort a few more times and eventually got pregnant with their first son, Kennedy. They had some financial difficulties as they tried to get married. And their families weren’t exactly onboard. They’ve since ironed out their money problems and had a second son. The two of them now use their dance skills professionally, both on social media professionally.

Tania Maduro And Syngin Colchester

Tania and Syngin met while she was waiting for another date. The two hit it off so well in fact, that Tania extended her trip by two months. Syngin then moved to America on a K1 visa, but their relationship had some ups and downs. They eventually married, using tattoos as their rings, but things didn’t work out. After four years together, they decided to separate in 2021. And there were some pretty awful rumors about Syngin as well.

Robert And Anny Spring

Robert and Anny were another pair that met online. To meet his new love, Robert booked a cruise that stopped in the Dominican Republic. He ended up proposing eight hours after meeting her in person. People quickly began to think she may have just been a gold digger. Even Robert started to have his doubts. But years later, they have two children and are living happily in Florida.

Emily And Sasha Larina

Emily and Sasha met at a gym in Russia. Sasha was another fiancé that the audience thought was just a gold digger. People thought he just wanted a visa, money, or was just going to dump her as soon as their son was born. As it turns out, the pair are still together. They adopted a bulldog named Mylo Maximum and are planning to raise their son, David, in the US.

Kyle And Noon Huck

Kyle and Noon first got into contact with each other while the former was doing research for a trip to Thailand. The two met up in person during his trip and the rest was history. They got engaged and Noon got a K1 visa to move to New Orleans with Kyle. Unlike a lot of people on the show, the pair actually had a rather healthy and loving relationship. They’re still happily married, and rumors say that they’re thinking about having a child. Right now, they’re just happy with their cat.

Edward “Big Ed” Brown And Rose Vega

Big Ed and Rose had a pretty surprising age gap. They were another international couple as well, with Ed having flown to the Philippines to meet her. However, it wasn’t exactly the age gap that made them break things off. Ed had lied about wanting more children. And as Rose wanted children of her own, that ended up becoming an irreconcilable difference.

Big Ed Brown And Liz Woods

Speaking of Big Ed, he did actually end up finding love again. Liz Woods was another younger woman, but she was a single mother. The two fell fast and hard, which ended up being a bit of a detriment to their relationship. They ended up separating. But, as of May 2022, they’re back together. And they’re even engaged.

David Murphey and Lana

David Murphey met Lana on a dating website and the two dated online for seven years. At first, it seemed as though David was being catfished by the Ukrainian native, but when they finally met in person she was just as beautiful as he had imagined. Unfortunately their relationship wasn’t meant to last. It appeared as though Lana was treating their relationship more as a job, referring to her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé as an acting job. While they’ve split up, they’re still living their best lives separately.

Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” Hamme And Usman “SojaBoy” Umar

Baby Girl Lisa and SojaBoy didn’t have their first in-person meeting for some time, finally meeting in Umar’s home country of Nigeria. However, the couple didn’t stay together for too long. Lisa and SojaBoy split up, but things are looking up for the woman. She’s since gotten married to another man, Tracey Robinson, and appears to be having a great life with him.