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Companies That Got Roasted On Social Media

The social media manager’s job for a company is to make sure their brand looks good. They’ll post different things on different platforms to gain attention. Normally this is just for advertising, but sometimes there’s a little bit more to it than that. Sometimes the consumers strike back against the brand. And here are some of the best roasts companies had been hit with on social media.

Doritos Vs. Cheetos

The rivalry between Doritos and Cheetos really seems to be coming to a head here. Although, someone pointed out an important tidbit of information. That being that they’re owned by the same company.

What We Like To Do In Walmart

Sometimes, people like going to stores for more reasons than just buying things. And sometimes, those reasons aren’t completely legal. Like this person that frequents Walmart.

Gardening With Glasses

Specsavers seems pretty interested in how this man keeps his glasses on while gardening. It’s possible he doesn’t even wear glasses. But old Gerald came back with the perfect answer. Just get your glasses fitted correctly.

Mac And Cheese Anyone?

If you don’t know who Chelsea Peretti is, she’s a famous comedic actress. She’s actually married to Jordan Peele. Apparently Stouffer’s thought they could take advantage of a tweet she made saying she was hungry for publicity. And it looks like she didn’t respond too well to that.

Where’s My Refund?

Looks like ASOS was trying to give an inspirational statement with that one. Although, it looks like one user of their services didn’t quite see it that way. Why does it take two weeks to get a refund?

We All Work From Home Now

Bojangles probably thought this was a really funny prank. But they forgot one major thing. When this tweet was sent out, everyone was working from home.

Self-Burn Into A Regular Burn

It’s another one of those strange scenarios where you see two companies talking to one another on social media. Axe tried a self-burn to answer DiGiorno’s question of what their new slogan could. So of course another user on Twitter had to insult Axe Body Spray’s effectiveness. It was just too easy with the ammo they were given.


Old Spice really came at Taco Bell for no reason. Fire sauce is just a sauce after all. However, Taco Bell hit them with a pretty good comeback. Although, if Old Spice does use old spices in their deodorant, then maybe Taco Bell doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


Constantly checking for job offers and other sending in applications can be stressful. So just not checking in on LinkedIn can probably help you out. This user of Twitter seemed to have that idea and said so to LinkedIn, itself.

An Ongoing Rivalry

The rivalry between McDonald’s and Wendy’s has been well-documented over the past couple of years. And this is just another example of that. Seriously though, what was McDonald’s trying to say?

Vox Hates Pets

Vox sent out a tweet trying to claim that people needed to take better measures to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s fine and dandy, but they suggested doing it through a decrease in pet ownership. Well, someone decided to point out that there are a lot more important things that contribute to those emissions.

They Have The Meats

Arby’s really does have the meats. And it looks disgusting! One Twitter user decided to point out just how gross Arby’s food is compared to the photos we see on TV. It seems as though everyone owes this guy a favor.

On The Grind

This Brendan Rush really knows how to promote himself. And the poster of this tweet really respects him for it. However, when Spotify tried to compliment the man’s ingenuity, another Twitter user pointed out its their fault he has to advertise in such a way.

A Date With Subway

I’m sure when Subway agreed to go on a date with this person, they probably thought they’d go to Subway. Well, guess this person likes McDonald’s more.

Don’t Cut Corners

That Wendy’s slogan can really get you out of a jam when someone asks why your hamburger patties are square. However, that only really works if you spell correctly. Otherwise they can throw that slogan right back in your face.

Drive Stay

What started as a funny play on words ended up turning into a pretty good example of a “drive stay”. Turns out you can drive stay if you crash into the drive thru.

The Core Of Your Relationship Issues

If mayo really is the core of your relationship issues, then you probably have a pretty stable relationship all things considered. Unfortunately for Kraft Mayo, the person that responded to this post has a completely different problem.

The Audacity

The audacity of Twitter to address everyone on its own website. Well, at least it’s not McDonald’s. Those ice cream machines are always broken, they really should get on fixing those things.

Who Wants Some Bud Light?

Bud Light really tried to spot Damian Lillard, even offered a reward. But people probably would have been more willing to help if the prize wasn’t a 12 pack of Bud Light.

Corporate Humanization

Microsoft really did try to compliment this person for their achievement. They probably were using Microsoft Office as well. It just so happens that the presentation was calling out companies for doing the exact same thing as Microsoft in that instance.

A Living Wage

It’s curious, what did McDonald’s think the answer was? The McRib? More people would probably prefer a living wage anyway.

Don’t Narc On Marvin

Sometimes, people like to share their strange experiences with people at fast food restaurants or when receiving other services. But when the company, itself, tries to figure out who the culprit is, normally the person who sent out the message in the first place gets cagey. They don’t want to be the one who gets someone fired anyway. Not to mention, their 7/11 has a fun lizard.

Pop The Shirt Off

This is another example of the company trying to to intercede on the situation. However, as it turns out, the original poster was the problem the entire time.

Get Your Dog Shaved At Petco

Looks like Petco did a really bad job grooming this dog. While they said they’d try to make things right, the next person brought up a pretty good point. It’s not like they can put the hair back on the dog.

BP Hypocrisy

It is incredibly ironic that BP is the one saying you need to watch your carbon footprint. After all, they did spill 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The world’s still paying for that one.