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Dumb People Caught In The Act

It seems as though every day you hear about people doing the stupidest things. Often, this ends up even putting their lives in danger. Other times though, it’s just obvious to everyone what the good decision would be. Here are some of the dumbest people caught in the act.

Too Cold Outside

When it’s too cold to barbecue outside, you go inside. Wait a minute… No! Don’t do that! You’ll burn your whole house down! Oh no, this looks like an apartment building. That’s even worse!


It’s understandable that your car isn’t big enough to store ladders in them. But that’s why people normally tie them to the top of their car if they’re using a smaller transport vehicle. This is definitely not the way to go about things. One wrong move and you could certainly lose your head.

High Voltage

Dunk tanks are pretty fun. At least, as long as you aren’t near a high voltage sign. Of course the sign also means there actually is high voltage in the area. And it’s never a good idea to go into unfiltered water when you could get electrocuted.

Wire Climbing

That wire doesn’t seem like a very stable foothold.As a matter of fact, that latter doesn’t seem very stable either. Yeah, they’re definitely going to fall.

Water Dog

For a moment you may think this man’s carrying around a leash with no dog. But that’s not the case. He’s just very unobservant. Looks like his dog decided to go for a swim instead of a walk.

What’s The Building Code?

Even with only ten numbers on a pin pad, it’s nearly impossible to guess what the correct combination is. That is, unless the numbers most commonly pressed have really faded., And then you’ll notice the apartment’s number matches those same faded numbers.

Get The Laptop Wet

Is your laptop waterproof? Is that why you decided to bring it into a pool? Even if it is, it’s probably not a good idea to risk it like that. It probably can’t even float!

How Do You Feel?

If your temperature’s over 100 degrees, that normally means you’re sick. You should stay home from school. It’s not too unreasonable to think your friend would know that. And also be able to tell the difference between a thermometer and a pregnancy test.

Who Needs Oil?

The sentiment is nice, but the message is wrong. Oil and gasoline might not be the same thing, but cars do still need the former. And by extension, busses need it too. You might not need oil yourself, but someone does.

Strapping Down The Dune Buggy

Was there seriously nothing else that strap could be connected to? Well, it’s not going to last very long once you get driving, that’s for sure.

Reserved For Green Vehicles

Would there really be a sign reserving a spot for green vehicles if it meant actually green-colored vehicles? Just guessing by the fact that it’s a truck, this vehicle doesn’t meet the actual “green” criteria the lot is expecting.

Couch Surfing

This must have sounded like a very fun idea. Hopefully they’re not going too fast. Don’t want to dry out their eyes and mouth from the high speed. Or even fall off of this seemingly unsecured couch.

Cheat Sheet Tattoo

Driving stick shift can be a little confusing for people that aren’t used to it. However, if you’re going to get a tattoo of it on your wrist, at least make sure the design’s correct, unlike this one. Why’d it even have to be a tattoo?

So Much Danger

There’s a lot to unpack here. They’re manipulating this dangerous machinery without any protection. No gloves and there are sparks flying everywhere. The ground also looks fairly dry, so a fire could easily break out. And their only protection is a plastic bag over their head. Which, under the right circumstances, could make things pretty hard to breath.

Bendy Straws

So, what do they do with the straw when they’re not sipping? Do they just drop on the table? Pretty inefficient way to use bendy straws. Who taught them how to use them like this?

Standing On The Precipice

Ya know, standing on a mountain is one thing. Standing on a rock wedged between two mountains that could fall under the right pressure? Not such a smart idea.


Now that’s one way to get a couch down the stairs. It’s not a good one though, that’s for sure. Those guys on the bottom are gonna get messed up.

Is The Cargo Secure?

This cargo is most certainly not secure. The rigging doesn’t look nearly tight enough relative to how much stuff the truck is carrying. It probably lost its cargo a mile down the road.

Using An Umbrella

Well, they’re at least keeping some of the rain off of them. What? Is the umbrella broken or something?

Keg Stand

Technically not a keg, but they are standing on a lot of booze. This could go south so incredibly fast. Hopefully they get down soon.

How Not To Put On Pants

You’d think the members of our armed forces would use their time more wisely. This just isn’t how you put on a pair of pants. This is how you break both of your legs.

Riding The Whip

Why sit on the perfectly good seat when you can ride on the front of your motorcycle. If they don’t just fall of they’re definitely going to crash into something. It can’t be easy steering a motorcycle from that position.

Stuck On The Playground

How’d you even get in there! Playgrounds are for children, not for adults. Not because adults can’t have fun, but because they are proportioned for small children!

Using The Forklift

Forklifts are supposed to move things up to higher places. But they’re not supposed to be footholds for people. That’s not even the theoretical safest place to stand on a forklift. How’d they keep themself stable on the way up? And how are they going to stay stable on the way down?

Microwave Money

This is why the only thing you’re supposed to put in the microwave is food. You just lost out of 5,000 Canadian dollars with that mistake. What makes this even dumber is that Canadian bills aren’t made from paper. They’re made from plastic.