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Dumb Reasons Why People Are Still Single

Every single person has an excuse as to why they are. Sometimes they’re pretty good or make a lot of sense. But most of the time you’ll probably a ridiculous reason or excuse. Here are some of the ones that went viral.

Cereal First

Well this one’s probably the most understandable thing on this list. Who on Earth pours the milk in the bowl before they pour their cereal.


Is that a direct quote? It’s a little hard to believe that a man would use the words “fragile male ego” to refer to themselves. However, that doesn’t exactly mean what they did say didn’t imply that’s what they meant.


We all react to nervousness the same way. Although, maybe trying to give them a handshake after getting a compliment isn’t the best thing to do.

Food Sharing

Is it truly that selfish to not want to share your food? Although, it’s probably not the best idea to refrain from dating just so you don’t have to. Just set your boundaries early on.

An Avalanche Of Mistakes

This really is just an avalanche of misfortune. The clumsiness must’ve really left a bad first impression. They probably got burned in more ways than one.


There are times when you just need to burp and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Most of the time it’ll be in a private situation. But sometimes, you end up burping right into someone’s face as they’re trying to ask you out.

Dog Hater

That might be why they’re single now, but people love dogs! Or at least most people do. Good call on this guy just walking out on the date. You shouldn’t get rid of a pet to be with someone.

A Little Too Polite

Another case of nervousness. People really do just blurt out the darnedest things when they’re nervous. Calling someone “my lady” isn’t too bad. Although the curtsy was probably a bit much.


Sounds like somebody needs new sisters. Honestly, while the story itself is funny, you shouldn’t insert yourself in someone’s love life like that. Maybe the poster of this Tweet just should stop bringing her new boyfriends home.

Street Wear

The function of a bed is to sleep in it. But people also use it to just lay down and relax in before going to bed for a full day. So, not letting people even touch your bed if they’re in street clothes seems a tad excessive.

The Civil War

This US history buff actually seems like a catch. It’s always great to see someone just be passionate about something. It’s certainly a more worthwhile thing to learn about in comparison to Captain America: Civil War.

Blood Type

What is your type? You O-? AB+? Or perhaps you like brunettes? Yes, never assume they mean your blood-type when someone just asks you “what is your type?”

Panic Mode

If a cute girl calls you pretty, you accept it and be flattered. If you don’t, a more nervous person will backpedal. And then you end up with situations like this.

Eating Ribs

Meeting relatives, especially young ones, can sometimes make potential partners feel uncomfortable. However, an 11-year-old threatening to eat your ribs would be more concerning than most meetings with family members.

First Date Questions

Yeah… that’s not a good thing to say on a first date. What in Criminal Minds made them think that was a normal thing to ask a person? At least they know that now.

Talking To Babies

Talking to babies like adults? It’s curious though what scenarios this would occur in that would prevent you from dating. It’s a bit strange of a behavior, but still.


Hey, eagles are a lot cooler than butterflies. Of course a man would say that a woman gave him eagles instead. They’re also a bit more aggressive, so the nervousness might just be more prevalent.


They don’t have to say anything else. The bassist is often seen as the poor man’s guitarist. They always seem to be the least popular member of four-man bands anyway.

A Really Great Reason

This is an excellent reason to not want to start dating. Shaving is a tedious routine, no matter what part of your body you’re shaving.


Oof! This one stings. Mishearing or misinterpreting something somebody says is always embarrassing. This situation might take the cake though. But, to be fair, who just says “Date?” without any additional context.

A Heart-Shaped Gift

I think the poster here might be a little bit more in the wrong here. It’s hard not to read into things when you give them a heart-shaped donut. And whether they like you or not, it’s probably a bit awkward clarifying that it was just a free gift you were given.


That was the first response that came into their head? Man, their brain must have really been fried if that’s the response they gave.

A Finer Thing

Well, at least this person has high self-esteem. And probably also a fair bit of self-awareness. Someone that full of themselves probably won’t find a partner for a while.

Change Your Photos

And they probably changed their profile pictures after that. Although if they didn’t out of spite, that’d be great too. After all, just telling someone their profile photos aren’t doing them any favors before un-matching them is a petty thing to do.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Well, you may be single for making that joke, but I’d say the guy you said that to isn’t worth it. That joke was amazing and you should be proud.