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Hilarious Job Interview Fails

Job interviews can be terrifying enough. Any number of things could go wrong. Sometimes, the blame’s all yours for why you don’t get the job. In others, everything’s on the interviewer. But sometimes, the result can be both hilarious and ridiculous. Here are a few of those insane job interviews results that led to the position staying open.

Saving Time

Shows that you should always do at least some cursory research on a company before you head to the interview. Customer service is one thing, but door-to-door sales are a completely different one. Of course the interviewee would want to leave to save everyone’s time, the job posting basically lied.

Interview Over

When you’re interviewing someone, perhaps it’s best not to shout at them. They’re not hired yet, so the possibility of them walking out or just not accepting the position is still pretty high. Verbal abuse at just the interview stage is a really good indicator of what the job’s actually going to be like.

Spy Software

People are worried about the government spying on you? Be more worried about your potential employers. At least these ones are more up front about their spyware policy. What makes it even worse is that you’re expected to install it on your personal computer. They couldn’t possibly expect someone to just buy a new computer for work. That’s why they need a new job in the first place.

Any Questions?

A little bit strange of a clarifying question, all things considered. It may not have occurred to the interviewee at the time what that sounded like at the time. But they’ve certainly figured out what it sounds like now.

Misogyny At Its Finest

The main downside to this interaction is that by the end of it, the interviewee probably didn’t want the job anymore. It would’ve been much more satisfying to deny him if he still wanted to get hired, even if he was a massive misogynist.

“Plus Tips”

16 dollars an hour plus tips at a driving job? Sounds like a pretty reasonable posting. Oh wait, that’s nine dollars an hour with tips potentially bringing up the average to 16? Yeah, no thanks. This is another example of why you shouldn’t lie on your postings. It might attract people to it, but it won’t keep them when they’ve realized you lied.

This One Worked Out

What’s really impressive about this one is that they actually got hired. When it comes to working at a retail store, maybe their honesty was inspiring. Or perhaps their skillset was exactly what that store needed in the first place.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

At least they came clean in the end. They didn’t get hired and probably wasted the interviewer’s time, but at least they didn’t get hired and gum up the works at their new job.

What It’s Like To Teach

It makes sense that a part of your teaching interview would be planning a lesson of some kind. It makes sense that a teacher would chastise a student for cheating and show them the error of their ways. What doesn’t make sense is telling that teacher they’re unfit for their job because of the way they did it. This person doesn’t even teach anymore because of the type of environment these schools bring.

Excellent Candidates

Looks like we’ve got two perfect candidates for this job position. One with anger issues that will literally kick the door down. The other admitted to working on a problem until it literally spirals out of control. Wait, they weren’t hired?

Professional Vs. Unprofessional

The way you conduct yourself in public really shows how you’ll probably conduct yourself at work. The interviewee in this case almost got the job they wanted. But they blew it when the interviewer caught them running around like an idiot in a store with their friend. They were originally going to call them when they got home!

A Smile That Lights Up The Room

Maybe that’s true. Maybe they do have an excellent smile. And maybe that will boost company morale. However, you shouldn’t talk about it for more than five seconds. Not surprising this person didn’t get hired.

Outdated Résumé

This isn’t even the interviewee’s fault. It’s on the school’s internship program for not updating the poster’s résumé. And while it may have been an overall waste of time for the interviewers, they didn’t have to drive six hours to get there.

0 To 100

It’s already pretty rude to not really be paying attention to whoever you’re interviewing. But things seemed to escalate really quickly from that point. They hadn’t even asked about pay before she blew up at them. And asking about pay is a completely reasonable thing to do!

The Manager

As good as it is that the interviewee got out of dodge before they could be hired, the job isn’t done yet. Everyone that works at that place needs to be rescued from the scary and abrasive manager.

Stacking Pyramids

Things would be scary enough walking into a building for an interview and seeing that everyone’s on edge or scared. Well, sometimes those companies are actually pyramid schemes. Don’t get involved in MLMs. They’re dangerous.


If you’re going to work at a tech company, or just in technical support, here’s an important thing you shouldn’t say. Do not say which phone brand is favorite because it’s easiest to hack. People will not hire you to a position that involved handling other people’s devices.

First Name Jitters

Have you ever forgotten your first name? You’d have to be really nervous for that to happen. Well, this person was. And it probably cost them the job. At least they remembered their name later.

Facebook Résumé

If you know who’s interviewing you before you go in, you can look them up to know what to expect. Well, someone found their interviewer’s résumé posted on Facebook saying they were looking for other employment. That’s an ironic thing to find just before an interview. And bringing that up during the interview is why they didn’t get hired.

The Real Cocky Type

Acting very cocky during an interview probably isn’t the best move. What’s even worse is when you don’t even address your future boss, assuming you get hired, even if they’re the one asking you questions. It shouldn’t be too surprising they weren’t hired. The dash of misogyny didn’t help.

The Old Switcheroo

This one wasn’t even supposed to be a regular job interview, but a recruitment interview. It’s hard enough trying to get someone to quit their well-paying job to join a startup. Well, after getting fed up with the conversation, the interviewee decided to turn the tables on them.

Fox In The Henhouse

If the conversation moves to gender diversity, this probably isn’t what you should say. Although, it’s at least a little bit better than what some other guys have said on this list. At least he’d presumably listen to a woman employer.

A Genuine Threat

The owner of this company sounds like a scary person. They hadn’t even been hired yet, what information would they have about the company that they need to issue a threat.

How Much Money?

That’s so non-specific. That’s not the answer you’d get if they’re asking you to name your price. The most rational response would be to get up and walk out.

Soldier Or Car Thief?

Sandhurst is a prestigious military academy. It’d be an impressive part of your résumé if you’d actually been there. But, of course, this interviewee had never been there. And they had certainly spent no time in the army. They spent three years in prison because of car theft.