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Hilarious Posts Made By Absolute Morons

Everyone’s heard of the phrase “think before you speak”. Well, that applies to posting on social media as well. Often times, you’ll probably find yourself stopping yourself from posting something dumb. But in the case of others, they were never capable of truly thinking to begin with. These are some ridiculous posts made by some incredibly stupid people.

Pregnancy Tests

Man, it would be hard to afford taking care of quadruplets. Except, that’s not what having four positive pregnancy tests mean. You might be having twins, at worst, but a pregnancy test isn’t going to suddenly start reading negative just because you got a positive once.

A Test You Don’t Want To Pass

HIV/AIDS tests can be a little expensive, but you probably won’t need to take one unless you have a particularly bad scare. But it’s always better to not have it, even if you shelved out the money. This person doesn’t seem to understand that.

Sanding Your Tires

Someone clearly doesn’t understand why tires are shaped they way they do. They better get new tires fast before the lack of grip makes them crash into something.

The Year 3000

That’s just inaccurate, plane and simple. By the year 3000, people born in 2020 will be 2,980. Although, none of those people will still be alive. Those people born in 2020 will be 80 in 2100.

Reschedule The Sun

You can reschedule a party most of the time. But you can’t reschedule a solar eclipse party. Why? Because it’s a rare occurrence where the sun, moon, and Earth are in alignment. It seems as though this person didn’t understand how a solar eclipse works.

Meat-Eating Vegan

Sorry about this, but if you eat meat you’re not a vegan. You’re not even a vegetarian. You’re just a plain old omnivore like most everybody else. A meat-eating vegan, categorically, cannot exist.

Maternity Test

Good question there. Well, there’s the simple fact that the woman is the one that gives birth to the baby. It’d be pretty hard to refute that.

Toilet Scrubber

Looks like someone misunderstood what a toilet scrubber was for. On the bright side, that probably means they didn’t use it to clean their toilet before using it on themselves. Even so, they still gave it two stars.

Umbrellas Aren’t For Grown-Ups

You’re probably more likely to see an adult with an umbrella than a kid with an umbrella. What kind of world does this person live in where they assume people just stop using umbrellas after a certain age?

Dogs And Babies Are Just Being Dramatic

Considering how much this guy’s sweating, it seems as though he’s proving the point of how dangerous it can be to leave a baby or pet in a hot car for a few hours. Even then, adults do a better job at regulating their body temperature in comparison to newborns and animals. This is a poor comparison no matter how you look at it.

Zero Years Old

Well, the dumb answer would be that you wanted to make a cake for someone on the day of their birth. The real answer is this little thing called double digits. More specifically, multiples of ten.

Socks For Your Hands

It seems as though this person has no idea what gloves are. Not only are they adamant about the idea of having socks for your hands, but are completely dismissive as soon as they’re brought up.

Carbon Monoxide

This person may have just signed their own death certificate. They have to be a special kind of dumb to not realize the importance of a carbon monoxide alarm. And they have to be even dumber to think that the headaches and sickness are a result of the alarm and not the obvious carbon monoxide invading their home.

Don’t Microwave Pennies

People are taught from a young age not to put metal in the microwave. Why? Because then you’ll blow up your microwave. The guy that made this mistake can try to blame the person that posted the mini penny pictures, but this is all on him for thinking it’d actually work.

The Titanic

The Titanic. The movie’s named after the boat. And if you’ve watched the movie, you’d know that they say it multiple times throughout the course of the film.

Older Than The Government

This person may not know how long a presidential term is. That’s four years for you that don’t see anything wrong with this post. And a lot of presidents served two terms. One even served four terms. The Super Bowl on the other hand, is annual. It wouldn’t be that difficult to surpass the number of presidents by that logic.

The Megalodon

Here we have a dumb question followed by a dumb response. There’s a lot to unpack here. Such as recorded history not even being limited to 2020 years. But what really makes it funny is the ridiculous response. That guy seems to have a little bit too much confidence in that earth and sea statement.

Help Pushing

Yeah, that guy on the truck bed isn’t helping. If anything, they’re just making it harder to move the truck. To be fair though, maybe this is just a joke.

Welcome To San Francisco

There’s a few instances on the internet where someone says goodbye to a location, despite still being in it. Although, times like these are the most egregious. You lived in that state for how long? Yet you think you left it?

Related To Your Ancestors

Now, they might have meant something else, but the statement itself is still ridiculous. Yes, you are related to your ancestors. A more adequate question would be if you’re actually related to who you thought were your ancestors.

How Many Countries Are There?

Well, there are 195 countries in the world so let’s get that out of the way. But also, the seven they’re talking about are the continents. Yet, those aren’t even correct. The U.S. is a country and is part of North America. The South Unites States is South America, and has nothing to do with the U.S. And England is a country in Europe.

Rosetta Stone

This would probably have more power behind it if they said anything right. You have to assume they meant Rosa Parks. But considering she was advocating for equal rights for all, it’s just stupid to be insulting gay people like that.

Titanic Is Fake

Who thinks like this? Seriously. Who above the age of five thinks that Titanic was filmed for real? It seems as though every stupid opinion or thought about movies is directed towards Titanic.

Having Triplets

No, the scariest part about having triplets is giving birth to them all one after the other. You’ll be pregnant for the standard nine months. It’ll just be a lot more agonizing.

An Uneducated Potato

Technically, the plague didn’t really even disappear. It just couldn’t spread anymore because, as the replier noted, a ton of people died. There are some who are immune or could recover from the virus, but it’s likely that the people of the Middle Ages would’ve killed for vaccines.