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People Who Didn’t Check The Backgrounds Of Their Photos

Sometimes you’re about ready to take the perfect photo. There’s no one in the way, no one’s making a silly face, so you snap the photo. But you missed one thing: the background. Your perfect photo is now eternally tarnished by something weird in the background. Let’s look at a few examples of that now.

Through The Crook In Their Necks

Not the most flattering of images, but they’re just showing their affection of each other. And then, you see the person sneaking a peak between the crooks in their neck. It’s almost scary how they’re just hiding like that.

Riding The Woman

It doesn’t seem that strange at first, but at closer examination you notice that the bored-looking man in the back almost seems to be riding that woman. It’s an unfortunate combination of hand placement and clothing colors.

Sauntering Across The Beach

Someone wanted to get a photo of all these model-like woman sitting on the beach in matching bikinis. Unfortunately, they didn’t clear the area to make sure this older gentleman wouldn’t be in the background. He looks great though.

Not A Fanny Pack

Well, that doesn’t look like a fanny pack. Regardless of whatever he’s doing with his hands in his pants, it’s a strange thing to do in a public place. And it completely ruined this couple’s photo.

Utterly Pantsless

If you’re taking a picture of yourself in a nice suit, it’s always best to make sure there aren’t any mirrors in the background. Otherwise, you end up like this man, who was a bit too lazy to put on his dress pants for the photo.

Power Of The Dog

It’s amazing how powerful a dog’s presence can be. It’s not even doing anything obscene, yet it’s completely pulling the attention of the viewer away from the primary subjects, the two girls in the front. You probably would notice the dog before the girls.

The Family Dog

Here’s another image of the dog stealing the show. This is an adorable family taking a splendid family photo. And the dog just had to go relieve itself right on that tree.

Falling Off The Board

Well, the man falling off his board in the background really takes your attention from the family in the foreground. That guy really messed up, and in the the shallows no less.

License: Revoked

You might think it’s a completely normal thing to just be reading a letter saying you got your license revoked. Then you look at the background of the photo. You can clearly see they’re sitting in the driver’s seat and that the car’s speedometer is at 40 mph. Then there’s no confusion on why they lost their license.


This is a completely normal photo all things considered. But then you look at their shadows on the fence in the background. Suddenly the photo becomes a lot less innocent.

Where’s Waldo

This one might be a little bit difficult to spot. After all, it can take a little bit of time to find Waldo.

Upskirt Shot

These two women just wanted a nice selfie. Then they caught a pervert in the background. He’s trying to get upskirt shots of women. That’s disgusting!

Towel Malfunction

Maybe it wasn’t even a malfunction. Maybe those people in the back just didn’t want to wear towels. Regardless of the reason, it really messed up this nice, family photo.

See Who’s Taking The Picture

This guy really wanted to show off his gains. And he should be proud, he looks great. However, he probably shouldn’t have been doing this in the bathroom. Or at least not in front of a mirror.

Getting Checked Out

Mirrors really are a surefire way to catch someone in the act. This person may not actually be checking her out, but the angle certainly makes it seem like it.

Golfing Mishap

Whatever reason they had for taking this golf picture, the photographer probably didn’t expect to catch this image of a golf cart falling over. We don’t have all the context, so maybe the golfer in the foreground’s to blame.

I’ve Got “Bills”

Not so much an issues with the background, but the person in this photo really needed to check something. It might just be the quality of the image, but those $100 bills don’t even look real. And if you look at that stack at the front, you can see that what’s below it is just a blank piece of paper.

Morning Coffee

They must really love their morning coffee if this is what their computer says. If the reflection in their coffee cup wasn’t an accident, then it was certainly a cry for help.


What a lovely event! And what an adorable couple. Now, what are they going to do about the Jason Vorhees standing in the back over there.

It’s Just A Foot

Don’t worry, it’s just a foot! But it’s placement in the photo isn’t particularly flattering. It does look very funny though.


It looks like the four women in the front were getting their picture taken at this Vikings game. And that kid in the row back caught sight of it. It’s not the most intrusive photo bomb, but one you see it you can’t unsee it.


Looks like someone’s got butterfingers. A photo probably intended just to capture an event ended up catching someone mid-tragedy. Let’s hope their drink doesn’t leave a stain.

The Queen Of England?!

The two girls in the photo are clearly supposed to be the main focus, but it’s hard to keep focus on that after you notice who’s in the background. Seriously, is that the Queen of England?

Watching The Proposal

What a beautiful moment. Proposals are always an emotional and lovely affair. It seems as though this hippo agreed and wanted to watch as well.

Face Plant

A nice photo of three friends gets undermined by this stunt. What we don’t see is that after the fact they probably all ran over to this person to see if they were okay. They did face plant right into the dirt after all.