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Perfect Memes About Being Single

Being single can be tough sometimes. People might be wondering why you aren’t getting out there. Or maybe they’re just constantly inquiring about your love life. Well, for people in relationships here’s some memes to explain how single people feel. And for single people, you’ll probably end of saying “That’s totally me!”.

There Is No News

A family should never ask about a single relative’s love life. If there’s something of note, they’ll probably mention it. Otherwise, there is no news.

Love Yourself

Hey, there’s nobody that can make your dreams come true except yourself. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or not. Although, single people may feel as though that thing they want is a significant other… But in most cases, it’s like this!

No One To Drunk Text

The upside of not having anyone to drunk text is that you won’t inadvertently make a fool of yourself. Exes or crushes, no worries there. At worst, a friend will know you’re drunk and you might be slightly embarrassed.

Plenty Of Fish

Yeah, there are plenty of fish in the sea. But all of the fish or good. It might not even be that they’re unattractive. They could just be really annoying.

Measuring Your Baby

It’s common for people to measure their children as they continue to grow. Why not do the same with a fur baby? It’s your only real option if you’re single. Hopefully you don’t have an allergy though.

Are You Still Watching?

If you leave Netflix on for too long, it’ll stop automatically and ask if you’re still watching. It’s just making sure you haven’t fallen asleep or anything like that. But sometimes the turmoil you feel inside is a bit worse.

Why Your Single

There can be plenty of reasons why someone’s single. Constantly correcting your partner’s grammar can just be one of them. It can get really annoying sometimes, especially when they don’t actually answer the question you pose.

When Do You Plan To Get Divorced

Seriously, just don’t ask people when they plan to get married. It’s not the be-all-end-all thing for a lot of people. And it’s just pretty rude. If you’re one of those people, it’s only fair if they ask you when you plan to get divorced.

Holding Hands

Who wants to run across a beach, hand in hand, with their significant other when you can chill at open and open the fridge? Hopefully, you’ve kept it stocked. Otherwise, you’d probably rather be at the beach.


Single people really don’t want to get played with. Especially the shy ones. They have a lot of trouble approaching people they like. And if you get spurned too many times for trying to come out of your shell, you might end up like this broken machine here.

Candy Love Life

They’re really joined at the hip. Just like a lot of the best couples. And then single people will realize how bad things really are. Even a gummy bear can get a date!

What If She Says No

That’s truly the greatest anxiety that single people have. Sometimes they don’t want to be single, but they’re too afraid to ask someone out. The looming though of rejection is always in the back of their mind.

When My Last Date Was

Now, their last date probably wasn’t actually in Sicily in 1922, but it helps drive home the point. It’s been a really long time since they last went on a date. And it’ll probably be quite a bit longer before they go on another one.

Meet Someone At Home

The pressure of going out and finding someone really starts to fade as you get older. Although this person’s 29-year-old self seems to condone breaking and entering if it’s to find a soul mate.

Plant Babies

This is a step up from saying you have furbabies. At least you can cuddle with furbabies. Can’t exactly do the same thing with plants. Not without getting their soil all over your bed.

Ruin Your Own Life

Might as well skip the middle man. Not point waiting for someone else to ruin your existence when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Going To Your Future Kid’s Graduation

This couple is a little bit too old to denote what you might look like by your kid’s graduation. After 18 years, you’d be 58. Although, the message is understood.

A New Tinder Idea

Absolutely genius! Only people that have been single for a long time could think of something so diabolical. You’ll end up getting Tinder swipes in no time!

Forward Those Chain Emails

Those chain emails really do threaten people with a lot of different negative outcomes. If you get a lot, one of them was probably threatening that you’d be single forever.

Order Two For Yourself

That is one benefit to being single. People in couples seem to always have to share their food. Why would you want to share your food when you can have two pizzas all to yourself?

Relationship Status

This probably gets the point across pretty well. You could say single, but that implies that you want to share your bed with someone else.

The Types Of Single People

That person on social media, IamGodSon, really doesn’t seem to understand single people that well. They’re probably in a relationship. The response from Dale TK is definitely from someone that’s currently single.

Make A Holiday

There are holidays celebrating mothers, fathers, and even children. And of course, let’s not forget about wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Single people really get left out of the other holidays.

Opening Up To Someone

Navigating someone’s emotions to find out more about them, that’s hard. It’s really like a maze. And as stated, it really is difficult for a lot of shy single people to open up to others in the first place.

Coaches Don’t Play

This is one of the best examples of how single people can be helpful in giving relationship advice. Even if they don’t play, they got a lot of experience in the sidelines and watching other people go on dates.