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Summer Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money

In the summertime, the weather is fine. People like to go out and play, but sometimes the great heat can be too much for them, especially in more southern areas. And sometimes it’s not even just the heat. Annoying insects, itchy sand, and other minor inconveniences may prevent you from having as much fun as you should. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you stay cool and have plenty of fun under the sun.

Keep Your Barbecue Meat From Drying Out

If you’ve already got the meat, then all you need here is some ice. Grilling food is a popular way to get food during the summer. But sometimes, you steak is a little dry, or your chicken is a little tough. However, sticking an ice cube on top of the meat while grilling will help it retain moisture. With such a low price, and it being something so easy to do, it’s at least worth giving a shot.

Use Kool-Aid As A Chlorine Remover For Your Hair

Lemonade Kool-Aid has quite a few more uses than just drinking, but this is just one of them. Blonde people will probably notice that chlorine seems to change their hair to a strange green. But, Kool-Aid can help you easily reverse the problem. Mix a packet of it with your shampoo and just go through the motions. Your blonde hair will return to its normal shade no muss, no fuss.

Keep Your Phone Safe In A Ziploc Bag

You’ve probably heard about doing this one before. A Ziploc bag can protect your phone from all kinds of things. Sand, rain, kids’ hands, you name it! Not to mention, you can still use the touch screen through the bag.

Find And Fix Holes In Floaties

Nothing spoils the fun quicker than noticing there’s something wrong with your equipment. And when you’re using floaties, watching them deflate from an unseen hole is even more disappointing. Although, even if you know there’s a hole, you may not know where to look for it. Especially if you’re using a large raft. However, there’s an easy fix to that. Spray the floatie with soapy water. Go over it a couple of inches at a time. Eventually, the leaking air will begin to create soap bubbles. Then you can cover that up with some waterproof tape.

Protect Your Wallet With A Diaper

Keeping your wallet and other belongings is always a hassle while you’re on the beach, especially if everyone wants to get in the water. Well, if you’ve got a diaper with you, this is perfect. Just wrap up your keys and wallet in a diaper. Not only will thieves automatically think twice about touching a full diaper, but it’s water absorbent. So it’ll probably keep your items dry as well.

Turn Aloe Vera Into Ice Cubes

Aloe vera is the first thing you think of when it comes to cooling down after a nasty burn. They also happen to be good for the digestive system. Well, if you have an aloe plant handy, or even just so lotion or juice, freeze some pieces of it into cubes of ice. It’ll create a nice, cold refreshing cube of ice that also relieves sunburns on contact.

Use A Fitted Sheet As A Beach Blanket

As people run by, they kick up sand. And the sand will always get on your towel and belongings. However, using a fitted sheet as a towel will work a little better. Keeping it propped up like in the image here gives you an extra layer of protection against sand. Not to mention, they’re larger than your average beach towel.

Make A Sprinkler Out Of A Water Bottle

This seems to be a pretty popular one, and it’ll save you money so you don’t feel the need to get a normal sprinkler for outside. Not to mention, you can use it as a sprinkler for your yard. Just take an empty plastic bottle, punch a bunch of small holes into it, and insert a hose into the hole. Tape the hose in place and you’ve got your own sprinkler. And it wouldn’t have even taken you that much time to set up.

Keep Your Ice Cream Soft

Everyone loves ice cream (as long as they can eat dairy), and it’s even more popular in the summer. But things can get a bit tricky when it over-freezes. It’s as hard as rock when it’s like that. But if you put an ice cream tub in a Ziploc bag (big enough to hold it), then it’ll keep the optimal consistency for scooping.

Make A Hammock Out Of Duct Tape

The summer is the perfect time to sit outside and lounge on a hammock. But you probably don’t have one. So, make one out of duct tape. Make a structure as pictured below with two poles of wood and tie it between two trees. Then you’ll see that you have exactly what you wanted.

Use A Fitted Sheet As A Pool Cover

Fitted sheets have another usage during the summer. If you’ve got an inflatable pool use these as a cover. That way you won’t have to constantly deflate and refill it with water when you want to use it. Plus, it’ll keep it safe from critters that might want to crawl inside.

Freeze Your Clothes

This one certainly sounds strange, but once you start doing it, things will make complete sense. With rapidly increasing temperatures in the summer, wearing cold clothes will give you plenty of relief before they start to heat up again. You can even try something like this with bed sheets. Of course, this won’t actually freeze your linens (unless they were wet beforehand), just give you something cold to put on your body.

Get A Beach Towel With Pockets

If you want something that will really help with protection and storage, get a beach towel with built-in pockets. It might be a little bit more expensive than a standard towel, but not by much. And it’ll keep your valuables hidden and sand away from them while you’re playing or napping on the beach.

Make A Floating Cooler

If you’re in the pool, there’s a good chance you won’t want to just hop out of the water to get a drink. Some brands have special drink holders that float on the surface of the pool, but you can make one yourself. Just get some pool noodles and a large bowl or bucket. Cut up the noodles and attach them to the bowl. It should float in the pool no problem. Just make sure to test it out while it’s full of ice and a few other drinks to make sure you made it right.

Make A Fruit Fly Trap

Fruits flies aren’t as dangerous as other insect pests in the summer, but they can still come with their own dangers. Namely, they carry a fair amount of bacteria that can give you food poisoning if they touch your food. So, make a trap to get rid of them. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar into a bowl. Add a few drops of dish soap and place the trap where fruit flies congregate. Check back in a few hours later to see how many you’ve caught.

Make Feet Protectors Using Duct Tape

Duct tape’s got a few more uses as well. Hikers are already well-aware of this life high. No matter how great your footwear is, you’ll eventually get blisters. But if you put some duct tape on the parts of your feet pictured here, you can avoid that problem. It might not feel right at first, but you’ll be saving yourself a lot of pain down the line.

Use Baby Powder To Get Rid Of Sand

Here’s another trick to keeping your food nice, this time at the beach. Nobody likes sand, it’s coarse, rough, and irritating… and it gets everywhere! Fortunately, there’s baby powder. The powder clings to the sand, making it easier to brush off. That way you won’t find any straggling grains stuck on your feet or in your shoes.

Use A Shopping Cart As A Grill

There are a few different ways you can do this one, but if you can get a shopping cart, it’s not a bad idea to try this. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a full grill. Just put the coals in the bottom part of the grill and the food on the top part.

Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching

Mosquitos are bad enough on their own, but the bites they leave behind are so annoying. Sometimes the itching they cause can even keep you up at night. Fortunately, there is something you can do to get it to stop. Try rubbing deodorant on it first. Aluminum salts in it will help stop the itching. If that doesn’t work, try pressing a hot spoon over the bite. The heat destroys the itch-causing chemical. And if that doesn’t work, try using a glue stick. That causes counter-tension that may minimize the itch. So there’s three methods to stop a mosquito bite itch.

Make A Shower Cap Into A Cooler

For this one all you need is a bowl and some ice, assuming you already have the shower cap. Put the ice in the shower cap and wrap it under the bottom of the bowl. It’ll keep whatever you put inside of it cool. This method especially works well for things like potato salad.

Cool Down Your Car

Sometimes in the summer you can get into your car and it’s so hot you can’t even breathe. You just instantly start sweating and get all sticky. But if you don’t want to deal with that on a hot summer’s day, try this! Roll down the passenger side window, then just rapidly open and close the driver’s door. This creates a low pressure vacuum that removes the hot air. It won’t completely cool down your car but it will certainly be more bearable.

Make An Air Conditioner Out Of A Bucket

Air conditioning units are incredibly important. But, not everyone can afford one, or afford to fix one. But there’s a cheaper fix you make to at least alleviate some heat. Cut some round holes on the side of a bucket, and one big hole on the lid. It should be big enough for a small fan to fit into. Fill the bucket with ice and sit back. Then the cooled air will flow through the bucket and out into your house.

Freeze Ice Pops Upright

Some of those freezer pops, the ones you suck on, sometimes don’t freeze evenly. Well, this one’s quite the easy fix. Some people make the mistake of freezing them horizontally. You should be freezing them vertically. Now you’ll have a freezer pop with the perfect shape.

Make Yourself A Picnic Basket

You’re going to be bringing a blanket to a picnic anyway. Instead of buying a basket, make the blanket into the basket. Put all your materials in the center of the open blanket. Then, take opposite corners of the blanket and tie them together. It’ll make a perfect tote for you to carry to your destination.

Use A Tennis Ball As A Massage Tool On Long Trips

Tennis balls are small, compact, and excellent massage tools. So it would make sense to bring them on a long trip. To help loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow while traveling, you can just roll them along stiff muscles and sore joints. And because of how small they are, if you’re on a plane, you won’t both your neighbors.