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The Cringiest Posts On Social Media

Cringe is everywhere, it’s unavoidable. And it’s most prominently located on social media websites. The ability to say or do anything with almost complete anonymity has led to some people saying the dumbest things possible. On the bright side, as cringeworthy as these posts are, everyone can at least gather around and laugh at how ridiculous they are. Here are some of the most cringeworthy social media posts.

Dexter The Dog

There must be no worse feeling than finding out your dog died after a routine check-up at the vet. Fortunately for this person, that feeling only lasted a minute. What kind of autocorrect was that though? At least the veterinarian was apologetic about it and noticed their mistake quick. Imagine a world where they didn’t notice the error until an hour later.

The Proposal Badge

The image on the left is a photo of this man when he proposed to his now wife. The image on the right is a badge he got her to celebrate their anniversary. The badge is based off of the first photo. It’s just a shame that the badge came out the way it did. It would’ve be a very cute present with one small omission… or a big omission depending on how you look at it.

Rips In Your Pants

Plenty of people wear jeans with tears. It gives them that extra bit of personality. And some people just think they look great in them. But if you burn in the sun that easily, maybe you’d be better off just wearing regular jeans. Otherwise you might end up like this person. On the bright side, it’ll be much easier to hide a sunburn on your knees than on your face.

CD Slot

It’s not too surprising that someone might have told you that you can use a CD slot to pay for stuff with your credit card. The ridiculous part is that this person believed them. And all of the replies to them say as much. The dumbest part is that they end the comment thread by saying they know that a square credit card wouldn’t fit in the CD slot… they’d need a circular one.

Roommate Wanted

This person doesn’t sound like they’re looking for a roommate. Looks more like they’re trying to find a subservient mate. But you know people that have such high bars for potential partners while not being a catch themselves often don’t end up with anybody. The person that took a photo of the sign certainly seems shocked by the ad, and they have a good reason to be.

New Credit Card

The cringe here doesn’t so much come from the ridiculousness of the poster, but from the scenario in general. This is why you should always just use a standard credit card design. You never know when they’re going to print your full face on a credit card. On the bright side, calling your face “the money maker” isn’t entirely inaccurate. It’s just making money for other people.

Into The Sea

This is the kind of thing that gives you so many questions. You’d have to check where your product was being shipped from, because it just makes you question how it even fell in the ocean to begin with. It’s also a pretty specific description of where your item went other than it was just “lost”.

Rules Braker

There’s actually two things wrong with this one. There’s the obvious fact that “Braker” is spelled incorrectly for what they mean. But it should also says “Rule” instead of “Rules”. “Rules Braker” just sounds bizarre. And this is permanently tattooed onto this person’s body.

Help: Wanted

This manager must be a terrible boss. Putting up a “help: wanted” sign of some kind makes sense, but they’re practically begging for people to come in. And why? Because one of their former employees badmouthed them to the public. If they really weren’t such a bad person, they probably wouldn’t have felt the need to include that in their sign.

Who Dis?

The first message initially visible in this text chain was “who dis?” Not necessarily the best way to start a conversation with a stranger. Definitely don’t follow it up with a meme of Venom with normal teeth. It certainly seemed to have cost Jonathan a potential job opportunity.

Left At The Altar

That’s a pretty cheap dress, but all things considered they probably just want to get rid of it. It’s unclear whether she left her fianc√© at the alter of vice versa, but she certainly doesn’t want to keep the dress. It’d be a pretty grating reminder of what happened.

Look Elsewhere

$30,000 a year isn’t exactly a livable wage. And if you’re already not impressed by the interviewer, then there’s really no reason to accept the job offer. If you’re having trouble getting people to work for you, don’t tell them to seek employment elsewhere. People get jobs so they can make money and support themselves. That’s just a fact of life.

Checked By The TSA

There’s always a bit of nervousness or pressure whenever the TSA needs to check your bag. Even if there’s nothing inside of it, you can’t help but get nervous. This person’s carry-on seemed to be completely filled with snacks that they might lose. That and an inflatable alligator. Lets hope they got to keep that at least.


Twister being rated PG-13, for those that have seen it, probably aren’t that surprised by its rating. Netflix often gives slightly more detailed descriptions for why they receive their rating though. Normally it mentions things like language and drug use. But this? This is a lot more different compared to the norm.


This Ron Iver person may not be that big of a deal, but his thoughts on pigeons are pretty ridiculous. Sure they’re more well-known for living in cities, but pigeons definitely existed before they were built. Haven’t you ever seen a pigeon in an area that isn’t in a city. They’er pretty common in more suburban environments as well.

No Pets

So is that just a lie? That they’re not allowed to have pets? Or that there were never any pets on the couch? There’s very obviously a cat in the background of the photo. Or are you just exemplifying how important it is that you don’t get any pet dander on the couch. I will give them credit, the cat isn’t on top of the couch.

Free Driveway

How lucky do you have to be to get a free driveway like that? It all just depends on whether or not the concrete layer gets the address wrong. And judging from the response of the person, it seems as though, even though they didn’t ask for one, they’re not complaining about it either.

Incredibly Desperate

As embarrassing a thing this is to admit, if you’re going to tell anyone, let it be to only a small group of people. You really shouldn’t be posting this note on social media for everyone to see. Desperation isn’t a very attractive trait.

Don’t Shoot Your Shot

What this guy needed was a pep talk, not a tear down. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone to Reddit to look for the advice, and frankly him putting himself down like that didn’t help, but he really didn’t deserve to get put down either. We don’t know what the exact responses to his question was, but the fact that he made an edit saying that he gave in implies how bad some of the responses must have been.

Cutting Edge Technology

This technology really is on the cutting edge… literally. Maybe it’s best to slow down a bit and be late, then rush out the door and be unprepared. What are you going to do at school without your laptop? A cutting board’s certainly not going to be helpful. Not unless you’re in a home ec class.

The Wall Always Wins

The implication here is that this person’s bloody knuckles are a result of him punching the subject of his ire. Well, that shows that this guy explicitly does not control his anger. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to punch anything. The funniest part about this is that someone replied saying “The wall always wins buddy”.

Add Please

This truly is a comedy of errors. Nothing wrong with asking the water delivery guy to bring you some, but make sure to be polite about it. Of course, he wasn’t telling them to say “please”. He was asking for the address of the house. To be fair to the person asking for water, it’s not comon to refer to an address as an “add”.

Medium Rare

Something about steak allows it to be cooked “less”, while still being fully edible. But just because you can eat a rare steak, don’t assume that could work for anything else. This post was captioned “I like my chicken the way I like my steak. Medium rare”. The emoji they added to the post, a hungry face, denoted that they weren’t joking.

Mount Rushmore

They may be kidding. But there’s a good chance that they’re not. A response to this post actually revealed that some people think Mount Rushmore is a naturally occurring phenomena. It may just be something they were told as a kid and no one ever checked them on it. But that doesn’t mean that still believing that idea into adulthood is any less ridiculous.

Sniffing Them Out

Sliding into someone’s direct messages on Instagram is pretty cringeworthy on its own. But masquerading as your own dog to try to get an “in” just makes the entire situation worse. It’s not cute, it’s just annoying and you shouldn’t expect a reply.