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The Most Awkward Celebrity Moments Caught On Camera

Celebrities are paradigms of media. They’re stars that the masses can’t help but follow. They seem perfect in every way. But we mustn’t forget that they’re still human. They make mistakes just like every other person. But their mistakes are more likely to be caught on camera. Here are a few examples of that.

Conan O’Brien Pulls Out A Dictionary

Snuck is a word. During an interview on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Jennifer Gardner corrected Conan saying that “snuck” wasn’t a word while telling a backstage story about her show, Alias. However, Conan later took out a dictionary and corrected her back.

Kanye West Interrupts The VMAs

Who could forget about this. Nobody has since it happened in 2009. Taylor Swift had just won the award for Best Female Video when Kanye West had run onstage. He interrupted her acceptance speech, stole the mic, and proclaimed that Beyoncé had still created one of the greatest music videos of all time.

Walking Off The View

The View has had plenty of controversial moments during its run. Pundit Bill O’Reilly had appeared on the show and had been butting heads with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Eventually, they got so fed up they walked off the set, leaving Barbara Walters to deal with O’Reilly herself.

Drew Barrymore Gets Wild On Letterman

Drew Barrymore made an appearance on David Letterman’s show in 1995. She jumped on top of his desk and even pulled up her shirt to flash him. It was over quickly, but it’s a moment that’s hard to forget.

Tom Cruise Goes Crazy On Oprah

This moment became so famous it has never left Rom Cruise’s reputation. While proclaiming his love for his now ex-wife Katie Holmes on Oprah, Tom Cruise jumped onto the couch. Even Oprah didn’t know what to do as she watched this.

Not Exactly Crackproof

How embarrassing! While demonstrating the effectiveness of Tesla’s new Cyber Truck, Elon Musk boasted of its reinforced armor glass. But as he attempted to demonstrate its durability, the glass immediately shattered. You can see on his face how mortified he is by the development.

Watch Out For Big Wings

While performing at a Victoria’s Secret live show, Ariana Grande found herself surprised by one of the model’s costumes. Her massive butterfly wings hit Grande from behind. While she managed to avoid a full collision, the look on her face shows how fun that interaction was.

A Real Super Bowl Mishap

Here’s another world famous mishap. While performing at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show, Janet Jackson found herself exposed when Justin Timberlake ripped her costume. Some say it was an accident and others say it was on purpose. Either way, everyone was shocked.

No Hugs For Ke$ha

During an event, pop star Ke$ha saw Jerry Seinfeld and wanted to give him a hug. Well, Seinfeld didn’t feel the same way and tried to rebuff her. After a few more seconds, Ke$ha ended up walking away in disgrace.

Drunk Hasselhoff

Someone recorded and released this video of David Hasselhoff. In it, he was drunkenly eating a hamburger, shirtless, and just lying on the floor. While the situation itself was embarrassing, it did give Hasselhoff the clarity he needed that helped him kick his alcoholism in the butt.

Like A Virgin

The 2002 VMAs had an incredible moment you’d need to see to believe. While performing her hit song “Like a Virgin” alongside Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, she kissed Britney. Not much longer after, she kissed Christina too. Everyone’s jaws hit the floor when that happened.

Not A Fun Interview

Taylor Swift is a bit well-known for having dated a lot of men. And then after they break up, she writes a song about them. While the general context of the situation isn’t known to the public, the optics on the situation aren’t ideal. But during an interview with Swift, Nancy O’Dell asked if she was going home with “lots of men” at the Grammys. Swift’s expression immediately changed. It was clear she didn’t take kindly to the question.

A Totally Sick Performance

Justin Bieber has had plenty of live performances before, but his most memorable will be the opening night of his Believe Tour. Not too long into the show, he doubled over and vomited all over the stage. The concert ended prematurely. It likely wasn’t a fun experience for anyone involved.

Miss Universe 2015

Steve Harvey hosted the 2015 Miss Universe contest. And that year led to one of the biggest blunders in the competition’s history. Harvey crowned Miss Colombia the winner of the competition. However, as it turns out, the real winner was Miss Philippines. The sash and crown had to be taken from her as she was crying and given to the real winner.

The Slap Heard Round The World

Possibly the most recent thing on this list, as well as one of the most insane. Chris Rock, host of the 2021 Oscars where this happened, made a somewhat off-color joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada. So, Will climbed up on stage and slapped him in the face. After that, all of Chris Rock’s comedy shows on his tour sold out.

What Even Is Bi-Winning?

Charlie Sheen was having a bad stint with drug dependency and addiction some years back and was displaying quite strange behavior. In an interview, he claimed that he was just being passionate. He even said that he wasn’t bi-polar but “bi-winning”. He managed to sober himself up since then and moved right along to the next controversy.

A Bit Too Excited About Your Victory

After a victory for their show, Big Little Lies, at the Emmys, it seemed as though Nicole Kidman became a bit too excited about the win. She kissed Alexander Skarsgård, her co-star. And this would be find, if she wasn’t married to Keith Urban. She still is, so whatever that was doesn’t appear to have too strongly damaged their relationship.

Not An Amusing Surprise

A lot of the most awkward things done by celebrities appear to be at award shows. At the 2015 Oscars, John Travolta attempted to surprise Scarlet Johansson on the cheek. He had snuck up behind her to deliver the kiss and Scarlet didn’t appear particularly enthused by the action.

Too Much Fun Onstage

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull were putting on a live performance. Then things got a little uncomfortable. As a part of the show, Lopez grinded on Pitbull. It might have been the seductive dancing or skintight outfit, but everyone could see that Pitbull was enjoying himself.

Rushing Too Fast Up The Steps

One the fastest rising starlets in Hollywood at the time, Jennifer Lawrence was a bit eager to collect her Oscar in 2014. She tripped on her way up the stairs. People thought it was hilarious, but it didn’t dampen her Best Actress win too terribly.

An Actual Crime

The Cannes Film Festival is a nice event where filmmakers get to debut their movies. Well, someone decided to ruin it. While America Ferrera was posing for a picture, a man got underneath her dress to get an upskirt photo. Security quickly captured the man and dragged him away.


While surrounded by paparazzi, there was an unexpectedly more wholesome fan. A young boy was attempting to hand Megan Fox a yellow rose. However, Fox didn’t see the boy and moved right along. She later apologized for the snub, but he at least became famous for the debacle.

Differences In Modesty

The awkwardness for this one is mostly only in the eyes of western onlookers. Some cultures have different standards for modesty. For example, the English seem to try to cover up as much of their body as possible (or at least the Royal Family does). The Māori Tribe in the Pacific though, they dress like this.

Sofia Vs. Gordon

Sofía Vergara and Gordon Ramsey once appeared on Jay Leno’s talk show together. Well, Sofía didn’t take too kindly to the Brit’s teasings and she got up to smack him. Ramsey managed to get out of the way in time, with a smile on his face, but Vergara’s expression showed how little fun she was having.

Sucking Off Her Face

Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep wanted to celebrate their victory at the Critics Choice Move Awards in 2010. They actually shared a kiss onstage. It wasn’t a particularly steamy affair, but the cameras caught the kiss at a fun part of it. It looks almost like Bullock’s trying to suck off Meryl Streep’s face.