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This Bride Got Her Revenge At The Altar

Marriage is a big event. It’s when two people proclaim their love and commitment to one another. You also get some tax benefits from filing jointly. But this story isn’t about a happy wedding. It’s a revenge tale. One about why you should never cheat. Because the revenge will always come when you least expect it.

Susan And Alex

Susan and Alex had been dating for six years.  Things seemed to be going well. So well in fact that Alex popped the big question. And Susan said yes without hesitation. And they immediately began to plan for the big day. Although, things weren’t going to end up happily ever after.

Everything’s Perfect

As time went on, their love only seemed to get stronger. And their friends and family were certain that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Their parents had become friends and their most cynical acquaintances believed that that their love was one for the ages.

The Last Day

Eventually, everything for their wedding was budgeted and planned accordingly. They just needed to kick back and relax. As such, they began planning for their respective bachelorette and bachelor parties. They needed to celebrate their last nights of “singlehood”.

Love And Loyalty

The two of them really seemed as though they were on the path for a life of love and loyalty to one another. And it was their last night before they’d be spending their lives in heavenly matrimony. They were going to have fun, but not too much fun…

A Nervous Bride

Despite all the fun she was having with her girls, it had finally hit Susan. This would be her last night being single, at least legally speaking. She suddenly started to get nervous about the whole thing.

Bachelorette Party

Fortunately, Susan spending time with her friends helped her wind down a little. She was able to enjoy herself once again. But after all was said in done, she told her friends that she wanted to return to her hotel room and rest for the remainder of the night.

A Mysterious Message

As her friends were getting ready to head to bed, Susan’s phone suddenly went off. Curious as to why it would be going off at this hour, she checked the notification. And she was at a loss for what it was. It was a series of photos of Alex in bed with another woman!

At A Loss For Words

It took her some time to realize what she was looking at. But when she finally realized, she was absolutely shocked. There was no name attached to the number, it was completely anonymous. And then another message came in: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

Overwhelmed With Emotion

Susan became overwhelmed upon the realization. Her friends could instantly tell something was wrong and did their best to comfort her. While they tried to reassure her that they would get even, all Susan could really do was sit there in silence.

What To Do

Eventually, Susan got a hold of herself. She was still sad, but at least she had stopped crying. She had no idea what to do next. The wedding was the next day and she had just found out her fiancé was cheating on her. She and her friends started to brainstorm what their next move should be.

Call It Off?

Considering how much money they had already spent on the wedding, it was the worst time to get this news. The most logical option was still to cancel the wedding. At least that’s what the bridesmaids said. But they also weren’t the ones getting married to Alex. Susan had her own feelings about the matter, but was still unsure of how to proceed.

She Couldn’t Sleep

Susan’s friends gave her some space to collect her thoughts. She had trouble sleeping, unable to get a wink. She couldn’t stop looking at the messages and photos that the anonymous person had given her. And they gave her a detailed image of what Alex was doing behind her back.

A Tough Decision

The morning came, and it was still time to get ready for the wedding. Susan hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep and was still wondering what to do about her relationship. Was she just going to suck it up and marry Alex? Or was she going to do something a little more drastic?

Time To Prepare

The bridesmaids didn’t know that Susan was already up, preparing for the wedding. Her dress and jewelry was on, she just needed to get her makeup ready. And that’s when Susan had the most devious idea. She was going to get her revenge after all.

Ready To Go

Looking at herself in the mirror, Susan knew that Alex had made a major mistake. The bridesmaids had no idea what was going on and assumed she was just going through with the wedding. And while they were concerned, Susan assured them that she had everything well under control.

A Gorgeous Day

Funnily enough, the weather was gorgeous on her wedding day. The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. All of her friends and family had massive smiles on their faces, prepared for the joyous occasion. They couldn’t wait to have fun at the reception. Although, Susan obviously had something else in mind.

All According To Plan

Susan knew what she wanted to happen, but she had to be patient. It would feel like an eternity until the moment would be right. She was anxious and restless, pacing back and forth, but also trying to still appear normal. But eventually, the ceremony finally began.

Going Down The Aisle

Alex arrived at the ceremony hall and Susan was walked down the aisle. She looked absolutely stunning. All the guests thought that Alex was a lucky man. Not too long after, they began reading their vows.

Reciting Their Vows

Alex went first, but found himself a little distracted. At first, Susan kept her veil on. But it was soon revealed that she was crying. Alex tried to comfort her and reassure her, but soon began reading his vows.

In Front Of Everyone

After saying his vows, and seemingly meaning every word of it, it was Susan’s turn. And she felt sick to her stomach. But she stuck to guns and began to enact her plan. She turned to everyone gathered and began to speak.

Wedding’s Off

Susan didn’t read her vows. Instead, she took out her and began reading off the messages and showing the pictures she received last night. Finally she said the definitive words; “There will be no wedding today”. Everyone in attendance gasped in horror, but agreed that Alex was now unworthy of marrying Susan.

Mission Accomplished

She had struggled to contain herself throughout the ordeal, but now that it was done, she was free. Alex figured it was the best time to get out of there and left halfway through her recital. But as Susan finished the messages, she was applauded by her loved ones for what she had done.