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Weird House Photos Of Things Even Home Renovation Shows Wouldn’t Expect

Sometimes when you renovating your home, you might find something interesting or unexpected. Sometimes it’s cool, other times it’s strange. And sometimes you may need to remove or take care of whatever that thing is, no matter how long you’ve lived in the house. But other times, the thing you find is just plane strange. And here are a few examples of that.

The Hidden Room

That’s an interesting way to find out your house had a hidden room. This guy found his after he parked a bus where it was located. Unfortunately, now he also has to get it repaired. Turns out the structure couldn’t handle the weight of a bus.

The Hedgehog Door

Making a doggie door is one thing, but a hedgehog door? Maybe the regular flap just wasn’t enough. The previous owner of this house probably felt as though it was more of a necessity.

Hello Bricks!

These bricks are over 100 years old. Turns out they were behind the plaster that had been put up. It’s certainly cool, but the bricks don’t really seem to fit the aesthetic of the house anymore.

Anyone Thirsty?

This isn’t actually a bad house design, just very unusual. Especially considering the fact that the house should have sinks for tap water. But hey, some people just enjoy drinking from water fountains more than anything. It would really give off those public school vibes everyone was missing while quarantining.

No Front Door

This really does seem like a major design flaw. Hopefully there’s a back door or some kind of side entrance. It seems like it’d get annoying very fast to enter or exit your house through the window every day.

An Interesting Place For A Toilet

A reoccurring trend in a lot of strange houses is strange locations for the toilet. For example, this one’s right at the top of the basement stairs. And it’s fully functional! Good for emergencies, but it does make it a bit harder to get out of the basement.

Double The Toilets

Now, whether or not both of these toilets are functional hasn’t been confirmed, but they’re certainly both bolted to the ground. And they’re both facing each other. At least with that table you can play some boardgames together.

Staircase To Nowhere

Well, it might make for a good storage area. But really, what is the point of this area and staircase? It just heads nowhere. Was this built just to trick people?

A Carpet Above The Door

Maybe there used to be more floor in this area, but it’s gone now. There’s just a strip with a fully carpeted floor. But from no point in the house is it at all accessible.

A Second Secret Door

One secret door is crazy enough, but apparently this is the second one this person found in their new house. Hidden right behind a bookshelf.

What In The Box?

You may find strange boxes or safes in your house, but this one really takes the cake. Why you might ask? Apparently there’s something inside. It’s banging around in there, trying to get out.

Monopoly House

Do you like Monopoly? Well, hopefully the owner of this house likes it. All they need is a bunch of giant-sized Monopoly tokens and they can play on the floor. Plus maybe something to clean up the floor.

Gravestone House

Many houses are made from stone and brick. Sometimes houses are made using preexisting materials. But in this case, the house was made from a particularly dark origin. That being the house being made from gravestones. They still have the names carved onto them and everything.

Electric Safe

Behind a fake electrical socket is a pretty good place to hide a safe. At least until someone tries to use it. And that’s how this person ended up finding a small safe in their new house.

Samurai Sword

A lot of these interesting things are built into the house, but sometimes you just find an interesting relic that was left behind. This house is 100 years old and the person renovating it found a samurai sword.

Soap From Yugoslavia

How old is this house that you found this soap from Yugoslavia? You may not know how interesting this find is if you’re unfamiliar with global geography. Yugoslavia broke up in 1992.

House Number

This is a really interesting find. During a certain time of the year, because of etched glass on the door, the house’s number is projected onto the stairs.

The Chain Within The Wall

This home was built in the 1930s and has been renovated since then. However, that doesn’t answer the question of what this chain’s for. It’s not really hurting anyone, but that chain behind the wall isn’t doing anything helpful either.

A House Within A House

Kids love having their own playhouses when they’re still little. Well, the previous owner of this house decided to do that for their kids. And it just so happens to be fully functional, with electricity and everything. And they left it behind for the next family that moved in to have fun with it.

A Nest Of Bowling Balls

Imagine beginning renovations on your new house. You tear up some boards or something else outside your house, and find 150 bowling balls buried in the dirt. It’s certainly a strange sight to behold. But at least you can bring your own balls when you go bowling now.

Well, Looky Here

There’s actually been similar events to this in houses around the world. You pull up a couple of floorboard and boom! You realize you have a well in your house. It’s a fun thing to show off, but make sure not to put anything heavy over the covering.

Tapes From David Koresh

If you’re unaware of who David Koresh is, he’s a cult leader that was in charge of the Branch Dividians. Someone found these tapes in their new house. And 1993 was the same year as the Waco Siege that led to a fire in the Branch Dividians base of operations.

Raven In The Attic

It’s like something out of an Edgar Allen Poe story. This homeowner headed into their attic to find a live crow inside. It’s an eerie sight to say the least.

Coffin With A View

Imagine dying and being buried. But because they still want you to be able to see out of your coffin, they add a little viewport for you. Now imagine you’re the person that accidentally digs up this coffin on your property.

Some Documents From The CIA

This may very well be the most dangerous or important thing you could find in your house. Who were the previous owners of your house if you find CIA documents inside of it?